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SEO Sydney (Search Engine Optimisation)
A large proportion of traffic still flows to websites from organic search engine results in Google & Bing - although Bing traffic is small in comparison. Basically, unless you are on the first page of results, AND near the top, regardless if you have a PPC strategy, your website may not be performing to it's full potential. For experienced, proven SEO results, contact us today about website audits, SEO, and how we can improve your organic search engine optimisation.


Good Copywriting A good copywriter knows which words trigger the feelings that compel people to make decisions. An expert copywriter can write with flair, making it easy for people to be drawn into what they are saying about your business, services or products, but they can also have a marked effect on SEO. Our website audits can report on the quality and quantity of your website copy.

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People often ask if they really need professional SEO help, and if they can do their own search engine optimisation. The answer is always the same: of course you can. Just like you can fix your own plumbing, do your own mechanical repairs, and add your own home extension.

That's not as silly as it sounds. There are elements of SEO that anyone can do - just spend a few minutes on Google and you will probably learn some valuable search engine optimisation techniques.

Below is a rough guide to determine if you can run an effective self-SEO campaign. If you cannot answer in the affirmative to all of the ten questions posed below, you probably need to consider using the services of a professional search engine optimiser.

Matt Cutts, who works for Google's Search Quality Group (specialising in search engine optimisation issues), says the key to achieving great Google results is "simple":
1) making great content that will attract links in the first place, and
2) choosing a site architecture that makes your site usable/crawlable for humans and search engines alike.
Bear this in mind when you look at the checklist below.

Professional SEO

1) Do you have an understanding of HTML?

This extends from very basic stuff like adding meta tags and alternative text, but may also include ensuring your site complies with W3C web standards. Note the quote above from Matt Cutts ("choosing a site architecture that makes your site usable/crawlable...). You may have the best content in the world - but if your website architecture lets you down, you won't get very far.

2) How much time do you have to dedicate learning what to do?

Learning how to identify and fix issues can take many, many hours. But, if you don't understand #1, you may not understand a lot of what you are reading.

3) How much time do you have to spend on your website fixing it's search engine and human accessibility?

Let's say you have ticked #1 and #2 - when optimising a website can take anywhere from 1 hour to maybe several days if re-construction is required, do you have that time?

4) The human condition - can you start NOW?

It's only natural. If you don't start a job soon after you decide something needs doing, often it will be left by the wayside, or go in the "too hard basket". Do you have the time to start your own search engine optimisation campaign in the next few days?

5) Will your time spent on SEO impact other areas of your business?

OK, so you understand HTML, you have the time to learn, you have the time to dedicate to executing your SEO plan, and you can virtually start now. Who will be doing what you normally do while you spend the many hours necessary for numbers 1 through 4? And what if the job grows? What if instead of taking 20 hours (eg), it becomes ongoing and more difficult than first expected.

6) Website copywriting

Usually when customers ask when what to write for their web pages, I tell them to just write naturally - and write about what they know. This will work for a lot of people, but then do you understand how keyword density can affect SEO, either at a glance or using software (which is not always accurate anyway)? Do you know how much or how little to write on any given subject? Will your copy be engaging? I'm not a BIG proponent of dwelling on keyword density to be honest, but it can be  afctor if you overdo it (spam words or phrases).

7) What if you already have website copy?

You may already be getting some decent Google results - just not enough. Do you know how to alter existing website copy so as not to damage your current search engine optimisation results, but rather improve them?

SEO Enquiry

8) Experience - do you have any in SEO?

This is the key. If you do not have any prior SEO experience, then what starts off taking a few hours, may end up taking weeks or months - and you may STILL not get it right. Even experienced search engine optimisers can take weeks to get the SEO right. However, you SHOULD start to notice improvements in the first couple weeks. I've spoken to people who have been through multiple search engien optimisers, and even tried it themselves - and they STILL didn't get any results!

9) Do you know what software to use?

You only have to do a search for "SEO software" and you are bombarded with choices. Which one do you pick? Do you pick the one that looks good and is cheap, or the one that costs $1000 but looks complicated and "clunky"? Do you accidentally pick the software which will cause your site more harm than good, and you more headaches than you need? Good luck with that one!

10) Haven't you got anything better to do?

If you have reached this far on the page, then its pretty clear you want to improve your listings in the organic results (as opposed to the pay per click results). Think of all the time and effort the above will take you away from your business.

In summary, I urge everyone to have a BASIC understanding of SEO. The reason for this is there a lot of so-called search engine optimisation specialists and website designers who really don't know enough about achieving results - so you need to be able to identify them and move on to people who CAN help you.

Also be wary of people who "guarantee" results - read my article entitled "Guaranteed SEO" for more information.

A good litmus test is to ask a prospective search engine optimiser what sort of results they achieve for themselves and their clients.

Here are just a few justweb™ page one Google results:

Note that the following keyword phrases are not obscure or very specific - they are broad terms which are searched for often and mostly have a lot of competition.

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Itech Corporation (Human Machine Interface systems & electrical management)
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Nightingales (Wedding and event planners)
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Proctor & Associates (Lawyers)
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Pro-tech Corp Pty Ltd (Synthetic grass and putting greens)
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