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SEO Sydney (Search Engine Optimisation)
A large proportion of traffic still flows to websites from organic search engine results in Google & Bing - although Bing traffic is small in comparison. Basically, unless you are on the first page of results, AND near the top, regardless if you have a PPC strategy, your website may not be performing to it's full potential. For experienced, proven SEO results, contact us today about website audits, SEO, and how we can improve your organic search engine optimisation.


Good Copywriting A good copywriter knows which words trigger the feelings that compel people to make decisions. An expert copywriter can write with flair, making it easy for people to be drawn into what they are saying about your business, services or products, but they can also have a marked effect on SEO. Our website audits can report on the quality and quantity of your website copy.

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What is SEO optimisation? Well, for a start that phrase is not quite right, but quite a few people seem to search for it. Think of it if you will as searching for that phrase, is like searching for "ATM machine". Essentially, you are looking for "Automatic Teller Machine machine". So it's the same with "SEO optimisation" - people are looking for Search Engine Optimisation optimisation, rather than simply SEO.

Anyway, now we have that cleared up, let's discuss what SEO is. Simply put, it is the process we use to optimise, or rather, make your website more attractive and enticing to Google and other search engines. The reason we say Google more often than "search engines", is simply because Google has by far the largest patronage of any search engine.

SEO Optimisation But, there are a number of elements which go into the mix to make up effective SEO - and it's not just all about your website. There is external (or rather off-page) optimisation as well.

So, at justweb®, we take a holistic approach to SEO. That means we look at all aspects that can affect or improve your website. Many SEO companies will claim to be specialist search engine optimisers, but when it comes down to it, all they really do is outsource backlink campaigns to artificially build up your Google reputation, and barely, if at all, concern themselves with fixing your own website's SEO.

This approach can certainly work, BUT is it sustainable? Let's look at a simple analogy to explain.

Imagine your website is your bricks and mortar place of business, and the ONLY method you use to advertise your business is to pay someone to put up lots and lots of posters on telegraph poles, construction site walls, and other places which have a short life expectancy or are poorly placed.

Add to that, you have not spent any money on fixing leaking roofs, cracked walls, old carpet, out of date cash registers, poorly trained staff, or just about any other aspect of your business.

So, yes, you will (probably) get some short term benefit from the posters, but is it sustainable, and once people get to your place of business, will they want to become a customer - or at least have a look around?

Back to what we do. Our website audit service will pick apart your website and report back to you what needs fixing - and trust me when I say, we haven't audited a website yet that didn't have broken links, poor navigation, little or no SEO, few or inconsequential backlinks, and a myriad of other problems.

Also, we don't just run some automated SEO software over your website and send you a long report of drivel to try and baffle you with BS.

Our report will explain in plain English what is going on, and use supporting reports and graphics to further show you the problems in your website. In our experience, just fixing what is wrong (according to the website audit) will be enough to see a boost in search engine results.

So, now you know a bit more about SEO and what we do, are you ready to talk? Call us on 02 8212 5192 or send us a message.

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Rob - JustWeb

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