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If you are not using embedded in your website, you are missing out on some very important search engine optimisation opportunities. Use Video SEO to optimise your own videos, or we can do that for you.

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A large proportion of traffic still flows to websites from organic search engine results in Google & Bing - although Bing traffic is small in comparison. Basically, unless you are on the first page of results, AND near the top, regardless if you have a PPC strategy, your website may not be performing to it's full potential. For experienced, proven SEO results, contact us today about website audits, SEO, and how we can improve your organic search engine optimisation.


Good Copywriting A good copywriter knows which words trigger the feelings that compel people to make decisions. An expert copywriter can write with flair, making it easy for people to be drawn into what they are saying about your business, services or products, but they can also have a marked effect on SEO. Our website audits can report on the quality and quantity of your website copy.

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If you own a website and have knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation), or you employ an SEO professional, you are probably aware of the importance of including video, and just as importantly, video SEO in your website.

By that I don't mean simply embedding a YouTube video, or Vimeo video (for example) in your web page. That does not help your website as far as search engines go. Sure, it will help your website by displaying relevant video to visitors who have already found your site, but as far as attracting visits from Google (etc.), it will be of little, if any, help. Great for the host website's traffic though!

SEO Video

What I am referring to by saying "ensure you add streaming video to your website" is to physically host the video and all related files on your web server, so that all relevant file URLs start with www.YourWebsiteName.

Ever since Google introduced algorithms to pick up videos and display them in blended search results, I've been using their guidance to make sure I know how to optimise online videos for an SEO advantage. Unfortunately, Google used to take its own sweet time to show a video search result. It has, in the past, taken at least a month, and up to about three months for a video to show up in results of any significance - if at all.

However, I have noticed a change to this trend. I've uploaded optimised videos to different "normal" websites and they've shown up in Google search results within a week or so. But, because there are so many videos in their index, mostly from larger, well established websites like YouTube and Vimeo, videos are quickly cycled off the general search results.

Contrary to what you may think, thee isn't any "trickery" involved in getting videos to show up in Google searches. You simply need to know what to target, and how to optimise the website so the video is "attractive" to Google.

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